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How I used Chinalovecupid to connect with 700 chinese girls in 30 days and how you can, too


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How to get the most out of Chinalovecupid

I connected with 700 beautiful chinese girls on Chinalovecupid (former known as Chineselovelinks) in only one month (see my video as a proof). That means that these girls took the next step to get to know me. I basically had a pool of women that I (!) could freely choose from and decide to whom of them I would like to know better, talk to and eventually meet. This success was by no means an accident but the result of a plan that I worked out based on my experiences in advertisment (which online dating comes pretty close to). On this little blog I will explain to you every single step that I paid attention to. If you copy my approach and follow it through then you will get the same results (or even more so). Imagine you could pick from a range of chinese girls who ALREADY made it clear that they want you to take this step! So lets get started.

P.S.: My girlfriend now is in fact chinese and yes… I met her on Chinalovecupid.

Basic assumptions and mindsets

1. Online dating a chinese girl is different from online dating with women from other “exotic countries” due to the chinese market. The women (depending on the age of course) all have a good income. Many of them earned a good deal more than me. That means that the assumption “I am regular here but rich there, so all girls will want to marry me” is not true for China. If that is the foundation of your plan then you are much better of with countries like Thailand or the Philippines which are very cheap to live in and easily accept sugar daddies. However, my plan is not based on your income at all.

2. If you are a non-asian foreigner then this is still a huge bonus for you. Most of the chinese girls will see you as very exotic and desirable. I have seen western men whom have been described to me as attractive who would have been counted as below average by western girls (and by the way also the other way around. Many girls that we find beautiful are not considered so in China). You can and should play the exotic card to your advantage. Some of my strategies rely on that observation.

3. The first steps of any online dating are comparable to advertising yourself. I will give you a quick example: any person who has to write sales copy, press releases etc. will work most of the time on the headline and then on the initial sentences. Why? Because even the best text is no good if it will not be read by any audience. A good headline will lead a person to look at an article. The initial sentences can then convince the reader to continue his journey through the well crafted text. Take this as a guideline for your own profile. You could be the most charming man in the world who really glances in private conversations, is caring for other beings or something like this. But what is it good to you if no women ever finds out because you never have a chance of an actual 1 on 1 conversation? I will show you the steps that will make women to “continue reading”, means: to WANT to get to know you more.

4. You compete with other men. It is important that you realise this fact. When we log in to Chinalovecupid we get to see the long list of female users. It is easy to forget that we are not the only ones looking at them, writing to them, chatting with them. You compete for the attention of the chinese girls of your desire. The best way of doing this is a) to stand out (Create an amazing profile and use the right pick up lines) and b) to be the first one who talks to them (more on this later).

5. Be a decent guy. While using Chinalovecupid I actually interviewed some of the girls I had contact with. If you get in contact with so many women then it is pretty easy to ask some of them: “What do you like? What do you hate?”. And what do most of them hate? The overly sexual guy. The men who try to convince the girls to share their most private parts with them on the first day. This makes full sense to everybody and still most of the men try exactly this. Use it to your advantage and be one of the few decent guys. That doesn’t mean that you have to jump right into the friend zone. A normal behaviour will separate you from the masses already.

Main goal on Chinalovecupid

You have one goal on Chinalovecupid: to move your conversation out of Chinalovecupid as soon as possible. As long as you talk to a chinese girl there you will compete with tens of thousands of other guys. But imagine you could send her messages right into her pocket. Have a conversation in her bedroom, on the bathroom, anywhere really. That of course implies that you got her contact details for one of the many chinese messenger apps.
Your own goals could me many: meet the girl of your dreams; maybe you are in China and search for as many real contacts as possible; maybe you are not in China and never will be but still look for contacts with beautiful chinese ladies. In all these cases you will want to move to a medium that allows you more control over the whole process. Most likely this will be in WeChat, a very popular app that you can easily download on your smartphone. QQ would be the second option but if you have a WeChat ID you will be good already. And that is what you want to get from the women on Chinalovecupid. The ultimate goal of this guide. What you do with it later (which kind of relationships you choose) is totally up to you.

Crafting a powerful profile

Registration: First you will have to create your account. You can do this by clicking here. You can enter a name of your liking but I would stay with your actual name (by the way: if you will out all your information correctly, then you can get the “Verified Account” badge later on). After setting a password and confirming your email, you will be asked to enter your basic information. Stick to the facts, there is really no point in lying about your age, height, etc. as there are enough chinese women around who are just looking for a man like you. It will be you who can cherrypick. The only thing worth lying about is your relationship status if you are married. If you look for an affair, then you should change this to single. This has something to do with the Chinalovecupid search algorithm and the fact, that not many girls will set their perfect match to “already married”.

Your Chinalovecupid profile: The three things that a female member on Chinalovecupid most likely will see from your profile are a) your photo b) your headline c) the first sentences from your profile description (because you will choose the platinum membership later. With the gold membership your profile description will not show).

Headline: Believe it or not, the most used headline both from females and males is “Hi”. The reason is, that this is the headline Chinalovecupid will use if you don’t fill out a headline. Now, this is perfectly acceptable for a stunning chinese woman you want to date. But you on the other hand need something that could set you apart from the other guys. Personally I would recommend a question. When reading a question while skimming through the profiles the girl will have to stop and think, automatically giving you an edge. This should not be a personal question (“Do you want to be my princess?”) but one that a girl, especially a chinese girl, could have an actual opinion about. Let say that you don’t know in which city you should live. The simple question would be “Peking or Shanghai?”. That’s it. Why Peking or Shanghai the woman will ask, and will look around your profile to find the answer. That is actually the headline I use and that you can copy if you want. Or you come up with another maybe even better cliffhanger.

The description: Here you will reveal the cliffhanger from your headline (whichever it will be). Don’t put your life story here, because obviously nobody cares. You can give the chinese woman of your dreams more information about yourself as soon as you are in direct chat contact with her (WeChat!). I have read guides which suggest that you should be witty here, show your interesting side, etc. Again you can and should do all that, but in live interaction. Don’t try to hard here.

The match: Here you can describe your perfect match. If you have indeed a special fetish you should put it in here, otherwise this text field is redundant as there are so many different girls. Would you like to not include them all? You should not let this field empty as Chinalovecupid will then fill it with a “Hi” also. Personally I put something like “Has to be good at Street Fighters V” in it. Finish. (some girls even respond to it and brag about their gaming skills)

Your images: Maybe the most important part in making that perfect first impression are your images and especially the main image as that is the one which the chinese women will see first. You should seriously consider doing a professional photo shooting. It would be a wise investment if you are the girl (or even several girls) of your dream. Especially the younger generation is so used to professional shots (thanks to apps like Instagram) that it will get hard if using a picture which you took with your laptops webcam in a dark room. You can use the new pictures in other areas as well (think Facebook, LinkedId, application letters). In general it is important to have some good shots handy all the time.