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Irish Brides

Irish bride - a ray of sunshine in your life!

The Irish people gave the world St. Patrick's Day and a group U2. People from other countries adore them for spontaneity, kindness and responsiveness. They know how to have fun and enjoy every day, but this is only a small part of the mysterious Celtic soul. Do you want to know why an Irish bride can be your key to a happy life? What features do these girls have and why do men from different countries dream of Irish wives? We will talk about this and many other things in article. 


Irish women - features in appearance

Original appearance always attracts people’s views. The more unusual a person looks, the more interest he attracts. Often people change their appearance to stand out from the crowd. But there are people who do not need anything for that. This is about the Irish people. If earlier they looked like in fairy tales, now they are modern, bright and radiant people. Let's talk about the appearance of irish mail order brides in turn.


How did they look in ancient times? The best half of humanity was described like this - long red hair below the loins. The girls found it hard to cope with their hair because they were incredibly thick. Celtic women were very similar to men - tall and large build. They had amazing strength and could easily fight back even a group of aggressive men. The features were frightening, and the voice was thundering.


Centuries later, Irish women have changed a lot. Now we can distinguish two types of girls:

  • Owners of a broad face with a flat nose, dark hair and blue eyes;

  • Owners of an elongated face with a long nose, sunken cheeks, blond hair and eyes.


Modern irish brides are very beautiful and charismatic. They take care of themselves and look fashionable. They have charm and appeal. Their smiles are not a mechanical stretch of the mouth, but 100% sincerity!

Marriage and family in Ireland 

This is one of the most prosperous countries in which each person can build an ideal relationship and create a strong family. In our online agency you will not be able to meet irish singles at the age of 18 or 20 years who are already dreaming of a foreign husband and having children. Since women love to enjoy life, they don’t rush to create a family. They also want gain independence and good work, and only then take responsibility for the family. There are many single Irish women between the ages of 30 and 40 years. Girls do not dream of a large number of children. It is customary in the country to give birth to one child so parents can provide attention and education to their baby.


You definitely will not see a situation where your girlfriend wants to live in a house with three generations, such as in Italy. A new family should live separately from their parents and have their own house. Even if the level of your salaries is not so high to buy a house, you can buy dividends by installments. This is an ordinary step for most young Irish families.


Your wife will delight you every day with tasty food and cleanliness in the house. But most importantly, what you lacked with many other women - life will not be boring and routine. Irish wives can have fun with the whole family!


How to behave on the first date and what do you need to know about Ireland? 

Of course, arriving in an unknown country is a thrill for every person. But if you decide to meet irish singles, you can relax. You do not need urgently to learn a new language and spend too much time on this process. For example, the three words “thank you, hello and goodbye” can be replaced by “cheers”. The main thing is to say it in time and with the correct intonation.


  1. Scottish mail order brides are very sociable and welcoming. On the first date there will be no awkward pauses. A beautiful girl will be ready to talk with you on any topic. In Ireland there is a saying: "If you can not talk to the God, then you are not Irish." Local residents really do not understand the silent.

  2.  But the main thing - in Ireland you will never feel like a stranger. Locals are very hospitable to foreign guests. The main rule - you must be polite. Replace the word "no" for any other, because in the Irish language there is no categorical.

  3. Do not forget to bring a raincoat, an umbrella and a pair of rubber boots. The weather here is extremely changeable. It can change 5 times a day. It rains very often. You will be surprised, but there are about 50 words describing rain (shower, plentiful, encouraging, dramatic, light, soft, fluffy and so on). How to start talking to an irish lady? Talk about the rain. Within 5 minutes you will be talking to a cute girl about her life and interests. Another advantage of the weather is that people do not care how you are dressed. And you will be surprised that Irish women can look perfect even in sneakers and a raincoat.


Irish people may seem strange to people in other countries: they speak an unknown language, men play strange Celtic football, they love their homeland without limit, although living here is too expensive. But believe us, when you communicate with charming Irish brides your heart will melt. They do not wish evil to anyone, they are sincere, kind, warm and bright.


You may have heard that irish women seeking american men. Indeed many residents of the country are negatively disposed towards the Americans. The 800-years struggle for sovereignty from the British cannot be forgotten for the locals. In addition the Americans repeatedly referred to the Irish as short people and leprechauns. This attitude does not like anyone, do you agree?


Recipe of happiness from Irish women

Do you think that they dream about Superman with a big salary, who will devote much time to children and household duties while his wife is relaxed in beauty salons? Everything is much easier! Irish bride want to see a strong man, who will think positively. Sunny day, good conversation, a pint of Guinness, a picnic, the smiles of children – this is happiness. If you are tired of demanding women in your country, only one irish dating can change your life. You will realize that happiness is pleasant trifles and the life near a person who looks at the world with a smile!



Some statistics about life in Ireland

If you want to enjoy life and to see the smiling beautiful irish wife, we are ready to show you some statistics about life in green and rainycountry.


  1. Net family income after taxes is around 25300 dollars a year;

  2. About 67% of the population aged 15 to 64 years has a paid job. Women do not work less than men.

  3. The level of education is very high, so you can be calm for children's future.

  4. 97% of the Irish population consider themselves happy people, and 82% of the respondents answered that they have strong and good health.



Some conclusions about Irish brides

They are bright, beautiful and funky girls who will turn every day into a holiday. If you are tired of routine and want to sincerely fall in love not just in the glamorous beauty, like the cover of a glossy magazine, and you need a bright and good woman, welcome to the site irish mail order bride!