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Mail Order Brides

Mail-Order Bride Sites: Your Path To A Happy Married Life


With the progress of internet technologies in the past several decades, many new ways to meet your one true love became available to lonely souls. Nowadays, online dating is incredibly popular both in the United States and worldwide. One of its most successful varieties is the mail order bride services that facilitate successful matches between American gentlemen and ladies from abroad. The large distance can no longer stand in the way of your desire to find love and enjoy the happiness of a stable married life. 


Mail-order bride agencies will help you meet hundreds of gorgeous and wonderful ladies interested in building a serious, committed relationship and starting a family with a Western man. The strongest couples are formed based on similar values and life goals, and that's why this variety of online dating produces the most successful matches. Let's have a look at the details of how to take advantage of this excellent opportunity and make your dreams of a happy marriage and family come true.


What Is A Mail-Order Bride? 


The adage about marriages being concluded in heaven is romantic and sentimental. But in the practical realm, the development of internet technologies has created a new reliable method of marriage-making – the mail-order bride industry. Now, access to the web is all you need to find a spouse, without any geographic limits.


The phenomenon of mail-order brides is relatively recent, but its popularity has been on the surge among American men looking for a wife from abroad. Both young and mature ladies from outside of the United States resort to special websites in hopes of finding a foreign husband. They create personal accounts, fill in their profiles with photos and information about their personalities, values and life goals, and wait for messages from foreigners that want to find a bride. In simple terms, a mail-order bride agency is a catalog of mail order bride looking to marry a man from the USA or other Western countries. For a man who is willing to take the international route in his pursuit of a happy marriage, such websites are a real catch.


Worth clarifying, this kind of activity is completely legal and comparable to the services of any dating agency. Mail-order marriage websites do not literally offer you a bride for sale. They merely provide tools that can aid you in your search of a perfect, compatible life partner. Women who resort to international agencies make a conscious choice. These ladies are not forced by necessity, as some may want you to believe; they merely pursue their dream of building a relationship with a reliable man, raising children together and giving them the best future.


Finding The Best Mail-Order Bride Website


The primary goal of mail-order bride websites is to facilitate romantic connections between people separated by the long-distance and national borders. They assist American men and women from across the world in finding each other in spite of the odds, for nothing can stand in the way of true love and no distance is too great for soulmates to overcome. Your first step towards a happy married life with a foreign wife is completing all steps of the registration procedure on such a website.


You can easily find services designed to help you determine which agency suits your needs best of all. The variety of the latter may be confusing and overwhelming, and a platform that provides comprehensive information on the top agencies comes extremely handy. It's crucial that you browse third-party reviews before making your choice, as each mail-order site naturally claims to be the best, most trusted and reliable. Objective and up-to-date reviews from users and experts will assist you in making the right choice.


A review aggregator will also warn you about all possible scam practices and explain how the website of each agency works. You'll learn which one can boast of the most convenient interface, which one offers the broadest variety of useful tools and features, and which one provides a perfect balance of both. As a result, you'll not only receive a comprehensive review of the site's advantages and disadvantages; you'll have an idea of how convenient it is to use before you even start the registration procedure. Relationships are a sophisticated matter, and no one can give you a 100% guarantee of success. But with the proper approach and resources, you can greatly facilitate your journey to a happy married life.


Mail-Order Bride Sites: What To Look Out For?


Just like in any other dating-related industry, you should beware of scam artists when trying to use a mail-order bride agency's services. An illegitimate platform will promise you a guaranteed match with a lady that meets all your preferences. While such an outcome is definitely possible, you should take these promises with a grain of salt. It is better to resort to sites that are open about the statistics and success rates of their matches, as this type of data is the best proof of the agency's efficient approach to matchmaking.


Hidden costs are another factor of which you need to mindful. Realistically speaking, you are unlikely to find a reliable mail-order bride site or agency that offers its services for free. Therefore, you need to be extremely skeptical about any free offers you may come across. Some sites lure you in with the promises of free services, but then it turns out that you can merely register for free, while the profiles of ladies are available only to members who have purchased a paid subscription. Do not trust websites that are willing to misinform you in such a manner. 


A legitimate mail-order bride website is likely to give you access to the basic features and tools for free, if only during the trial period. Instead of demanding that you pay right off the bat, it will let you get familiar with its interface and options so that you can make an informed choice before you spend a penny.


Why Are Mail-Order Bride Agencies The Best Way To Find A Wife?


  • Time efficiency. When it comes to the speed of finding a foreign wife, mail-order bride agencies are the absolute leader. No offline method of meeting ladies is as time-efficient. It takes only several minutes to register on the website and purchase a premium package – and you're ready to start your search of a perfect wife. You'll get access to the profiles of hundreds and thousands of ladies, each of whom has serious intentions and is interested in creating a happy family. 


  • Effectiveness. According to the statistics, “buying” a wife online through mail-order bride channels is almost a guarantee of a stable relationship. Divorce rates are much lower among international couples. This is likely due to the effective matchmaking approach of agencies that operate in the industry. They ensure both partners are looking for the same thing and have compatible values and life goals. Having overcome the long distance and the cultural differences, the spouses are willing to put effort into their relationship to make it work, which is one of the cornerstones of a successful and happy marriage.


  • Diversity. A large international agency can help you find a mail-order girlfriend from any country: from Ukraine to Taiwan, from Norway to Niger. The beauties you'll meet will vary not only in appearance. Depending on their country of origin, they will have different upbringings and cultural backgrounds. Take your time to get to know as many ladies as you wish, then examine your opportunities and make an informed choice. Such a chance will never present itself in real life.


Addressing Common Stereotypes


The popular culture has resulted in a strong association between the concept of mail-ordering and acquiring something by paying for it. No wonder that an ordinary person who's not familiar with the mail-order bride industry might mistakenly think it is all about a deal sealed with a monetary transaction. Let's clarify this misconception once and for all: a mail-order wife is in no way bought or sold like an item. It is simply yet another iteration of online dating that reaches the international or even worldwide scale. Women who resort to mail-order bride agencies are looking for a reliable husband with whom they could build a marriage and family. They seek to create a long-lasting relationship founded upon love, mutual respect, and similar life goals.


Once again, no one can literally buy a wife – it is the 21st century, after all. Western society still attaches a lot of stigma to this industry and looks down upon men who seek foreign wives. It's necessary to spread awareness of the real state of affairs; the more people share their authentic experiences, the sooner our society will come to accept it as merely another way to meet a life partner.


One more widespread stereotype is that ladies from developing countries who desire to marry an American man are nothing but gold-diggers who want to scam you out of your hard-earned money. But the truth is, there are ill-minded people in both developing and developed countries, and your chances to encounter such a person are about the same. In fact, reputed agencies approach the verification of female profiles with great care to minimize the risks for their clients. Moreover, although the life quality may not be luxurious in the countries of origin of many mail-order brides, these ladies are usually well-educated and fully capable of earning their living without a man. The pursuit of true love is the main reason for them to expand their dating horizons geographically.


Before Subscribing To A Mail-Order Bride Site, Consider The Pricing


Different agencies and websites have different policies when it comes to the pricing of their services. It would be an oversimplification to say that some websites are merely more expensive than others. Many have several kinds of premium memberships that are typically called “silver”, “gold” and “VIP.” Their price depends on the duration of subscription you want to purchase – a month-long membership is always more expensive than one month within a year-long package. But the main difference lies in what options you get for your money.


The premium features that become available to paid members usually include emails and additional photo galleries, instant messages and live chats, phone calls and video chats, etc. On some sites, you can get access to all these tools by purchasing a single membership package; others may offer each one separately. You may also come across websites with a coin-based payment system: you buy a package of coins that serve as a currency and can be used on various additional features. Get acquainted with the mail-order bride pricing at the website of your choice and decide whether the paid features and tools suit your needs. Your choice of the paid options essentially answers the question “how much is a mail-order bride?”. Keep in mind you will also have other expenses associated with traveling to your online girlfriend's country to meet her in person.


Statistics Speaks In Favor Of Mail-Order Wives


If you look at the divorce statistics in the USA, you'll see it's a reasonable decision to meet wives via a mail-order bride agency. Married couples consisting of an American man and a woman from abroad have proved to be more solid and longer-lasting compared to marriages where both spouses are Americans. As a statistical fact, international couples are less likely to break their solemn vows. This fact proves that the difference in upbringing and cultural background does not pose a major hindrance to a relationship built on mutual love and respect.


In recent years, it's been a growing trend among American men to choose foreign brides when it comes to marriage and building a family. The Washington-based Pew Research Center delved into the subject in 2015 and discovered that nearly 1 out of 5 American citizens had a person of a different race or ethnicity as their spouse. The Census Bureau discovered similar statistical data and established that in 21% of American married couples, one of the partners was born abroad.


The surging popularity of international relationships has a strong link to the American outlook on the concept and purpose of marriage. Nearly 9 out of 10 American citizens believe in love as the strongest motivator and driver of relationships and marriages. Romantic at heart, the average American does not see a long distance as an insurmountable obstacle in the path of love. Foreign women share and appreciate such a worldview.