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Russian Brides

What are Mail Order Brides Services and Which Way to Use them?


Mail order bride service is a service that helps to find a future wife in whatever country she lives in. To date, the Internet has a huge number of international dating sites, but preference is better to give paid rating services. Why do we need paid dating sites? It is clear why their owners need them, but what do they really give to users? No matter how trite it may sound, but paidness is a filter. At such resources, you are unlikely to meet guys writing unfavorable things, or girls who will never answer you simply because she created the questionnaire purely out of curiosity or for fun. If a person pays, then he has a goal. The advantage of such sites is that they clearly position themselves. Plus, as a rule, the user is offered to pass a sufficiently capacious compatibility test, on the basis of which he will be selected the most suitable potential partners. Thus, spending your time on the test and spending a certain amount of money you get a guarantee that the site will not have any kind of jokers and anxious personalities. They drop out by themselves - they are just too lazy to spend their time, let alone money, to insult other participants.

Do you want find Russian wife? - Great choice! It remains to choose a mail order bride dating site and learn to behave correctly! In this case, pay attention to expert tips:


  • At the beginning, communicate via instant messaging or other programs that do not reveal your last name - for example, using MSN, Skype, you can communicate anonymously until you feel comfortable enough to provide your email address or phone number;

  • Never give financial help - scammers initially spend a lot of time on correspondence to gain your trust and money;

  • Pay attention to the details - if you continue online communication with a girl from Russia who, in your opinion, may suit you, be sure to pay attention to what she says;

  • Do not save anyone who is “trapped” - if you communicate with someone who has a lot of problems at work and you begin to draw closer, and later she says that he is stranded at home or begins to feel that she has There is no future in your country, be on the alert. This may be a crook who is trying to make you feel a sense of compassion and a desire to help.


Why do Russian Girls are so Attractive?


Indeed, many foreigners willingly marry Russian women. To do this, they visit various dating sites, apply to marriage agency or platform or even go to Russia. So, what attracts foreign women to Russian women? These women are always carefully and strictly monitor their own appearance. They like light shades and bed colors in clothes, but they can wear and, on the contrary, very dark colors.

Russian brides are feminine and very elegant, men are attracted not by their appearance, but by a certain inner light. In life, they are very restrained and modest personality. They look peaceful and calm. They completely lack pretentiousness and open sexuality. Due to their wide outlook, they are able to keep up the conversation in any direction. In addition, Russian girls will be able to find a way out of the most confusing situation; they can safely be entrusted with any project, even if the others see it as a failure, over time, Russian women will prove the opposite. The main advantages of hot Russian women include the following:


  1. Hot Russian ladies have incredible endurance and serenity that men appreciate very much. Being already in a relationship, handing the bride with others is rarely shared with her feelings. Men for a long time trying to unravel such a difficult person;

  2. These ladies are always gentle, kind and beautiful. But relationships with the opposite sex are usually complex;

  3. In the relationship, the Russian bride is very careful, she checks for a long time whether the chosen man fits in the perfect image in her head;

  4. Sexy Russian women are very dreamy and romantic, excellent writers who work in the genre of love novels come out of them, where they set forth their thoughts and feelings about the ideal relationship between the sexes;

  5. Russian brides are big children, they need the support and support of a loved one.


Russian Mail Order Bride Platform: the Notion


Mail order brides sites rely on an extensive card file and a method of psychological coincidence, arguing that this will allow us to get to know a loved one. On the one hand, the opportunity to get acquainted with the profiles of hundreds of candidates is an obvious advantage. On the other hand, we are not able to evaluate the virtual questionnaire or review as carefully and reliably as a person met in real life. And we risk going past people close to us, stuck in correspondence and subsequent meetings with those who will disappoint us. Therefore, treat selected candidates not as potential romantic partners, but as lots in a virtual supermarket.

The probability of a successful meeting in virtual space is exactly the same as in real life. Therefore, you should not rely on the profiles of candidates that the online resource has selected for you as the most suitable. Clearly define your own search Russian brides criteria and rely on these indicators and your intuition. Many people try to meet with Russian singles they like as soon as possible, or at least offer her video chat (although he will not replace real communication) - and this is the right approach to business. Otherwise, you will be held hostage to an imaginary image that can be painfully smashed upon meeting.

Many researchers also question the very criterion of personal correspondences. Which coincidences should be considered the most important: common place of residence, similar professions or interests? Many couples interviewed by researchers were married and considered themselves close to each other. At the same time, the online tests that they underwent did not demonstrate high levels of psychological coincidence. How to be? Of course, you should not deny the wide possibilities of any Russian dating site. It is important to use this possibility correctly.


The Way of Finding a Girlfriend using Russian Mail Order Brides Services


Some people are skeptical about dating through the Internet, claiming that having fallen in love with an image at a distance can be too disappointed at a personal meeting. Nobody is really insured against failures. But many modern men live in an endless cycle “to work - home - to work,” they simply do not have time to look for a life partner among the city bustle. And the best way out, of course, are the legitimate Russian dating sites, where you can even find out if there are any common interests with a young lady before being invited to a date.


  • Register any Russian dating website you know. Better on several at once. Try to choose sufficiently large, proven resources;

  • Enter as much information as you can about yourself. Not always, but quite often it is the design of the questionnaire that becomes for a woman looking for a family to be the decisive factor in choosing to answer or not;

  • The advantage of Russian dating sites is that you can immediately try to find a Russian woman by the parameters of interest: age, height, interests, dating goals, presence of children, etc.;

  • Social networks are very popular today. If you are dating acquaintances through specialized sites with distrust or neglect, you can try to find a life partner through some well-known Russian or foreign social network. Perhaps it will be even easier for you to engage in dialogue;

  • Almost every Russian female prefer to see the initiative on the part of men, to feel the strength of character. No matter whose phrase ended the previous conversation, write first;

  • Set the tone of communication from the first minute. Keep in mind that if the dialogue does not work out, it is unlikely that a sequel will follow. Write correctly, politely, openly. Do not be rude, do not be rude to a woman. Show that you respect her. Although, of course, if this is not your style, then you should not build from yourself who you are not. Sooner or later, the true state of affairs will still be found out;

  • Do not be intrusive. A couple of letters or calls a week is enough if a woman tells you that she is often busy. Maintain interest in yourself, but do not overdo it;

  • If you met a girl from one city with you, then do not delay the proposal of the meeting. Usually, the longer the virtual communication lasts, the harder it is to go to meetings in real life and the harder it is to live up to expectations.


When you are sure that there is mutual sympathy between you and your new acquaintance, proceed to action. Report that you are very serious. Perhaps even start a discussion about future life together. This is a very fine line of relations, overcoming which you will reach a new level. When the goals of both partners are clear, the dialogues may become more frank. You can ask questions that, before indicating the seriousness of your position, would be considered impolite. From this moment begins the period of grinding characters.


Russian Mail Order Wives: the Price of Love


The search for the second half is not only troublesome, but also expensive enough. Especially for men. After all, as in ordinary life, on  Russian mail order brides dating sites it is customary for the gentleman to pay. Account creation and services of a professional psychologist will cost you about $ 2,000. Next will begin the search for best potential Russian mail order brides. After you make your choice, you will need to pay attention to the lady: invite to a cafe, give flowers, etc. This is not to mention the fact that sometimes money is also spent on getting to the betrothed - for example, if you contact a marriage agency to arrange a marriage tour to Russia.

The classic way to find your soulmate is to contact a marriage agency. As a rule, money from a client is taken there for the time that his profile is in reserve. Men come to the agency, meet, talk about themselves (often with a psychologist present) and say who they want to find. Then, as a rule, agency employees are involved in the work: they pick up a couple in absentia and introduce them. But sometimes candidates are simply offered to exchange phone numbers. For its services, the agency takes from $ 4,000 for 9 months of your membership. This amount includes the consultation of a psychologist, an astrologer, the selection of candidates, etc. But it is difficult to predict how many potential life partners you will be offered: it all depends on your preferences and your type.

It is also necessary to take into account that you will need legal services, since it is necessary not only to check your potential Russian brides for marriage fully, but also to collect a whole package of documents so that she can legally arrive in your country. Making a financial conclusion, Russian mail order brides cost varies from $ 2,000 to $ 16,000.


How to Bring a Wife from Russia Legally?


Of course, the law does not prohibit marrying Russian ladies, but comes to obscure a number of curiosities so that your future wife can come to you legally. A bride visa is a special type of permit that citizens need to enter the territory of the United States of America if the person concerned plans to enter into marriage with a citizen of this country. According to established terminology, this document is listed as a K1 visa. If the visa recipient has a child who is less than 21 years old and who is not officially married, then in order to enter the United States, he will need to get a K2 visa.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the issuance of any other American visa provides a citizen the opportunity to visit the territory of the United States, but at the same time does not allow documenting relations with a citizen or citizen of this state. Thus, this visa is required only for those people who want to be together on an ongoing basis.

The entire procedure for processing visa documents will begin with the consideration of the groom's candidacy, since only the appropriate initiative can be taken from him. Thus, he will need to send a special application from the United States, and only after it is approved by the immigration service, will the future wife be able to start collecting all the necessary documentation. Registration of the visa is provided not for every girl. Her fiance must be an official citizen of the United States and reside directly in the territory of that state. In accordance with the established rules, the standard time for consideration of the submitted documents takes approximately two weeks, and a visa case will be formed based on the results of the event, which is sent to the embassy of this state over the next month. And the most important feature: for help in paper work, you can rely on a proven marriage agency!


Mail Order Brides from Russia: Top Facts 


If you meet Russian women - you’ll have a real adventure. In choosing between reason and feeling, Russians choose a feeling: sincerity and soulfulness. In the Russian mentality, “expediency” is almost synonymous with self-serving, selfish behavior and not in honor, like something “American”. It is difficult for a Russian woman to imagine that it is possible to act rationally and consciously not only for her own sake, but also for someone's sake, therefore unselfish actions are identified with actions “from the heart”, based on feelings, without a head. Russian - dislike for discipline and methodicalness, life for soul and mood, change of mood from peacefulness, forgiveness and humility to a merciless rebellion for complete destruction - and back. The Russian mentality lives more like a female model: feeling, softness, forgiveness, reacting with crying and rage to the consequences of such a life strategy.

Most pretty Russian women are more likely to see flaws in themselves, rather than virtues. Abroad, if a person on the street accidentally touched another person, the patterned reaction of almost anyone: “Sorry”, an apology and a smile. They are so brought up. It is sad that in Russia such patterns are more negative, then you can hear “Well, where are you looking?”, And something more dramatic. Russians are well aware of what the longing is, despite the fact that this word is untranslatable into other European languages. On the streets, it is not customary for us to smile, look around at others, it is indecent to meet and just talk.

In the Russian mentality, a scornful attitude towards politics and democracy as a form of political structure, in which the people are the source and controller of government activity. The conviction is that people really do not solve anything anywhere, and democracy is a lie and hypocrisy. At the same time, tolerance and the habit of lying and the hypocrisy of their power because of the conviction that there is no other way.

If we consider the possible disadvantages of marriage with a Russian wife, then a man may, over time, find her society burdensome. The fact is that Russian teen girls are brought up with full confidence that they simply must brighten up all the free time of the husband. The concept of personal space for them simply does not exist. Gradually, you can change this feature, but you will need to try.

The Russian girl is practically the ideal of femininity, beauty and sexuality. She is ready to become the perfect hostess for the spouse, a friend and a reliable rear. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the mentality, and then the relationship can be read simply by the ultimate dream.